Try it and you’ll be amazed at what you get

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There are many things that can hinder us from progress and good things in general. Yes, the title actually suggests giving everyone an equal opportunity, and you may have heard of it many times but putting them to practice when their application doesn’t seem obvious is the main objective.

I myself had fallen victim to this rule and trust me it takes more than knowing the rule to put it to practice. At the end of this article, I’ll share a resolution I made and how anyone can implement it. …

Getting mentally prepared to start up your business

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A lot of self-help books exist out there about starting a business. You’ve probably made all necessary preparations to start up on your own, but have you taken the time to prepare yourself mentally to startup the business. In truth, unless you have done this, you are probably setting yourself up for a wild ride with lots of emotional twist and turns.

Today, I would be leaving my work desk to talk about the hard reality in the realm of business startups and how you should prepare your mind to take on your venture head on.

“Too many people forget…

An answer to the question: Why I haven’t achieved as much as I should

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It is not abnormal to see very talented individuals with level of progress sharply contrasting their competence and abilities. We enter companies and the seat of power and control is not in the hands of the most adept instead, the talented fellow left out in promotions. In truth, mastery is essential and worth striving for, but mastery of skill without understanding the dynamics at play around you is as inimical as not having any.

Often the greatest obstacle to our progress comes from the emotion drain we experience in dealing with people. …

Distinguishing the hype from the truth in self-driving systems, and understanding the current limitations, possibilities and everything in between

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Remember the old joke, “What’s the difference between a software salesman and a used car salesman? The used car salesman knows when he is lying”. With self-driving vehicles today, the car salesman has automatically become the software sales man and vice versa, are we to expect the hype associated with software sales or the verity with car sales.

With technologies taking over our world and machines controlling how we do things, these days we mostly can’t even see a limit to technological innovations. It is often hard to discount any ideas floating around for the fear of being thought of…

Cartoon and real image of Bill gates
Cartoon and real image of Bill gates

Converting your images to cartoon format might seem like rocket science to some, we sometimes envision a state-of-the-art technology and probably arcane methods for its purpose. While in fact, the reverse is the case. Many photo editing software and companies offer this cartoon editing service only in paid versions, and there is a whole market behind the conversion of images from the normal format to a cartoon-like image. In this tutorial, I would be guiding you through the process in a step by step manner. The Image we would be using is the image below.

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